Thursday, March 25, 2010

The energy of the youth

I am so so so so tired. Somehow the gods of airplanes and conferences and teaching have decided to descend on me today. It's not that I don't feel good emotionally; I do. In fact I feel quite good but very very very tired.

Maybe it was the two weeks of in-person student conferences before I went to my conference in Louisville--which were wonderful but draining.

Maybe it was the having something early every morning at my conference (plus a penchant for staying up late each night to watch march madness, then read, then finally look over the conference workshops for the next day).

Maybe it is because I rushed that last week and the days before the conference to be ready for our presentation on Thursday.

Maybe it was the cop who pulled me over (ostensibly because I didn't stay in my lane and didn't allow for three seconds after signaling to change lanes) on Saturday near midnight after my long flight who then made me do the entire drunk test thing because he saw a small prescription bottle in my glove box.

Maybe it's because I took an oral steroid (which totally perked me up and allowed me to sleep less) on Monday and Tuesday for a knee-biking-injury-thing and now I am steroidless.

Maybe because today is the first day in like a month when I haven't been behind the 8 ball to get all kinds of things done--much to do but none of it is quite yet urgent.

OR Maybe it's because I am facing our taxes, a letter of recommendation, and sundry little things I've been putting off.

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm so unbelievably tired yet strangely jovial. A mood that shouldn't be, but I will take it. And later tonight I will full-out veg as I watch the NCAA tourney while I eat popcorn, make small talk with the family, and occasionally yell over quips for the oldest son's use who will probably again be defending Obama and healthcare reform on FB--ah the energy of the youth.