Monday, April 09, 2007

St George weekend

It's been about three yrs since my wife and I have gotten away for the weekend sin hijos. Three yrs ago it was Colorado Springs, a great trip except for the uncontrollable shivering and forced oxygen at the top of Pikes Peak but that's a story for another post. This weekend we head to a closer less amazing, but hopefully enjoyable place: St George. I've been searching around for stuff to do. Certainly we will do some hiking at Zion's or maybe just locally at Snow Canyon Park. I'm also scoping out Joshua Tree Road, a 14 mile drive through the Mojave desert with spring flowers a blooming.

Any favorite non-golfing St. George activities? Restaurants? Shops? Anything??!! Please share as I coerced this trip out of my wife and now must make it work, i.e. be able to avoid the old, "So why exactly did we drive 5 hrs in order to see a movie we could have seen 5 minutes from our house?"