Saturday, May 13, 2006

San Diego Vacation

Had a wonderful time with kids and wife in San Diego. I meant to blog from SA but didn't have free Internet access at the Marriot and days of walking and seeing tired me out. A quick highlight as swamp cooler, unpacking, and prepping for new semester await me:

**11 yr old son being picked out of the crowd to give Shamu (man, that whale/dophin is one old dude) commands, a fish, and, as my 5 yr old has named it, a "back rub."

**La Jolla Bay seals in the "wild"--I found out that the seals hand out in what once was a kiddie type ocean pool without waves. Too much nitrate and teeth now.

**Riding bike (4th child on the trip my wife says) to La Jolla Bay.

**Experiencing the Orangutans with my wife for about an hour in two different watchings at the SD Zoo. I'm not much for zoos but this exhibit was amazing as the glass barrier allowed one to be right next to the Orangutans as they ate and played.

**Seeing view from atop Grandma Snapp's home in Escondido--avocado orchards, tangelo and lemon trees, and an amazing view of the mountains and valleys surrounding the Wild Animal Park.

**Bike ride through the just mentioned valley; 43 mph without trying on the downhill into the valley

**Chocolate mole at a mexican restaurant in the Old Towne area.

**Observing kids' wonder and enjoyment; realising the memories would be revisted by them for decades to come.