Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mission accomplished: HP I thru HP VII

Today we finished the entired HP series. I can't exactly remember when we started reading but it I believe it was either last summer or at the beginning of the school year 08-09. By the numbers:
  • 4224 pages
  • 7 books
  • 6 AR tests--Andrew passed them all and surpassed his AR goal every term (he already asked if he should take a test on book #7 next yr)
  • countless hours reading
  • 203 threats exactly: "if you don't hurry and get your teeth brushed, no Harry Potter" (How ever will I replace this threat?)
  • several reading marathons when we hit exciting sections
  • Many favorite memories: explaining snogging, various discussions attempting to figure out Snape's allegiance, talking about how much we loved the series

Reward for reading to the end: the much anticipated photo of my left ear (unfortunately it's not a great photo, but hey you get what you get). BTW I'm open to suggestions on what type of earring I should put in after my stud wearing time is over--stud! see I told everyone earrings were for men.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Going to Satan II: Responses to my earring

Youngest son: Why did you do that? You are a boy.
Me: You do know lots of men have earrings.
Youngest son: I know but that doesn't mean you had to get one.

Sister: Are you going through a midlife crisis?

Mom: Why would you go and do something like that? You fool!

Wife: Shit, he actually did it (after she saw the piercing solution and earrings on the counter I'd intentionally left out so she could work through any issues before I got home from work--she'd been out of town)

Oldest son: Reaching up to pull it out, "You didn't. Come on. That's not real."

Daughter: What's that in your ear?
Me: an earring
Daughter: Why did you do that?
Me: I like the look.
Daughter: No you didn't.

Just about everyboy else: silence and nervous eye twitches looking away from ear

Monday, July 20, 2009

Going to Satan

I stayed home from church yesterday so I could hit the grocery store and cook some lunch (ok, and so I could watch the Tour de France). As it is hard to prepare a mostly vegetarian meal, I was still preparing when the family got home. Immediately Andrew, our 8 year old, started in on me:

"Dad I'm worried about you. Didn't you used to teach that class in church?"


"Well, you don't go to church very much anymore."

"Nope I don't."

"We talked about it today. If you don't go to church you will go to Satan."

"Oh, really. Where did you learn that?"

"In primary."


"Yeah, you need to go to church so you don't go to Satan."

"Do you think I'm a good person?"

"Sure dad. I love you more than anything."

"Thanks. I think I will be all right then."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Biking the Legacy Parkway

This year I bought my then 7 year old a $250 bike, something many think crazy. But I knew I'd want him on a good bike this year. Why? Because I knew he was willing to do what he did yesterday: wake up at 6am and pound out near 20 miles on the Legacy bike trail.

Here's take off at the Frontrunner Lagoon station:

Here's our first little break after about 7 miles:

And here's my cool looking self:

And here's a strange sight--cowboys and cyclists chattin it up:

Andrew liked the tunnels:

All and all a great little Friday morning ride. Only one tiny struggle in the last mile or so when Andrew's butt started to hurt him a bit, but he pushed it to the very end.

Our next cycling challenge? I'm not sure. He's in that in-between stage where he needs quite a bit for a challenge (maybe we will come back here and do the entire trail which would be about 25 miles) but where he can't really do true mt biking quite yet. We did a few miles on Antelope island which was a bit frustrating for him (the sand and long hills); still a good experience.

Soon, maybe this summer, I will take him on a short slightly downhill single track by Snowbasin. Probably should wait till next yr as I always tend to overestimate skill level--just ask my oldest son.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Two bits for magpie heads

I love birds but I'm speedily going back to my childhood hatred of magpies. For whatever reason it seems our cul de sac has been invaded by these loud, ugly birds. I understand they are smart; I understand they are one of God's creature, but good hell could they shut up? And talk about agressiveness--I've seen them taking on our cats on several occasions. Magpies 3, Cats 0.

I find myself pining for the good ole days my dad has often described to me when the farmers would pay them two bits (that's a quarter for you unschooled in rural money talk) for every magpie shot.

Just for today, let me forget all that environmental, nature loving rhetoric--give me a gun and bless me with good aim.