Saturday, September 25, 2010


Last week we went to some U of U musical festival (aka spend lots of student fee money type event). We did not go for the event but for the middle group FUN, a group my oldest son introduced us to while we drove oh the many miles to Pacific Ocean and Redwoods. Growing to like FUN, the wife and I were IN when we found out about the concert.

Little did we know that there would be NO-body over the age of say 27 at the concert and NO-body under the age of say 18. So we were both the oldest at 40 or so and the youngest at 15 and 16 (the friend Seth took). I knew I was an outlier when they handed me a pamphlet on unintended pregnancies while waiting for a free snow cone. With three intended pregnancies completed and one vasectomy between us it didn't seem we were prime candidates for this literature. I guess we could have given one to my son and his friend-girl but we didn't want them to think of such things.

Other than feeling a bit old (yet also hip) it was a great concert. We were able to get quite close without getting down in the mosh-pit where we could see our son and friend bobbing around (their lack of age didn't scare them away from moshing). FUN was indeed very fun. An fairly new indie pop/rock band: check out their music video and other songs (especially The Gambler). And if you like come enjoy some FUN with us at The Venue on October 16th.

Surely there will be some older folks (like say 31) at the Venue, right?