Thursday, November 25, 2010

The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance

A hilarious memoir by Elna Baker. As always I'm probably late to the party, but if my ex/non/less active mormon friends haven't read this you should because you will laugh and most certainly find connections with her struggles to be a "faithful" mormon; and my anti/non/living in utah friends should read her memoir because it should help humanize mormons who seem to do crazy things (like not having sex until they are married).

It's certainly the most rukous, honest, over-the-edge writing I've ever read by a practicing mormon. For example while staring into those funky amusement park mirrors, ones which made her look 80lbs skinnier, she says, "For the first time, I had a sweet spirit and a sweet ass." Now that's the best double entendre of the Mormon "sweet" that I've ever read.

Other highlights:

*Comparing a patriarchal blessing to Keannu Reeves visiting the Oracles in the Matrix

*A description of how she used the "Fascinating Girl" (a book it seems many young Mormon girls were given which instructs them on how to please men through submission; my wife received a copy from her grandmother but I don't think it worked) to help her get a mormon boyfriend

*while getting hot and heavy with her atheist boyfriend she suddenly, unintentionally whispers in his ear "you need to pray and find out if god exists" which she later subscribes to her struggle with God Tourette's syndrome.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BSG is over

I just finished the last 14 minutes of Battlestar Galactica as I ate my lunch--the last 14 minutes of the entire series. And let me tell you my friends that I am sad, sad of heart and mind. How can it be over already? What will happen to Admiral Adama without Roslin? Will the Cylons attack again? How will the humans and Cylons live together?

Rarely have I been so caught up in a series. And, sadly, I'm sure it will be a long long time before I find something as good. Thanks to Dr. W and Middlebrow for hooking me up though now you are responsible for my withdrawals.

BSG you were so frakking good!