Saturday, July 31, 2010

If I were sane

I should really get ahead today but I won't. Instead we biked nearly 50 miles (and I think it counts for 50+ as it included the very long, steep ascent to the LDS Bountiful temple). Now will shower (yes I am sitting in my office chair and writing in my unwashed stinky cycling jersey--had to ice my hip man!), then go eat at the Buddhist Temple (yes they do have a Buddhist Temple in Layton), then eat some ice cream and berries because everything will taste delicious after our 3 hr ride this morning (one of THE reasons I exercise), then will think about reading something like the Icelandic novel HighTouch recommended but I won't because I will be so tired (or maybe I will read 2 pages before my, then I'm not sure what I will do--certainly it won't be of the getting-ahead nature though as by then I will be too tired to do anything worky (btw the reason I should get ahead is because the work, ah the work of grading and the hiring committee, will come crashing down on monday so if I were sane I would try to get just a little bit ahead but I won't).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Sloughing off of desire

I'm not writing in my own or reading many blogs these days. It was not a conscious decision; rather, instead, a slow sloughing of desire for inside/computer things and an increase in desire for outdoor/cycling/hiking/gardening activities.

Still, I do check into the blogging world on occasion--just read (though didn't comment) a great post from HT Mega and the Cold cold north.

Maybe I will get revved up about blogging or possibly it will fade into that distant past of "things I used to do." Either way, I am certainly glad I started a blog several years back.

It was at a crucial moment for me--negotiating and constructing an identity not tied to the rules and regs of Mormonism. But that main purpose is now less pressing and, for all my good intentions, I doubt I will every fully develop a blog for the people as some of my friends have done. Seems I am in the majority of bloggers who ebb and flow according to personal needs and circumstances; a rare blogger it is who creates a robust consistent public persona like HT Mega or Signifying Nothing.

Most of us our content with the ebb and flowing, personal rants, lists and occasional deep reflections. Which is fine too (i.e. no criticism intended). Merely interesting to note, for me, our different motivations for making our writing public. In intend no hierarchy of blogging. I could now go all scholarly here with a bit of work but I think not. If I did I might contradict the entire tenor of my post--the sloughing off of desire.